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Conduct & Discipline


All students are to reach the institution before the commencement of the classes and leave the institution after end of classes/NSS or sports activities.

Late comers are to enter the details such as time of arrival and reason for coming late in the register maintained at the security office and also submit Late Entry Forms to the HOD concerned/Principal.

When the students are to leave before the scheduled time of closure of classes they have to produce permission letters from the Department to the security office.

Any item belonging to the College can be taken out of the campus by the students only after producing an authorized gate pass at the security office.

Any purchased item can be taken into the college only after making necessary entries in the Register and get security seals in the reverse side of the bill.

Parents/Guardian of a student and visitors are required to register their name, address and purpose of visit at the security office and obtain visitor’s pass. The pass has to be returned to the Security Officer while leaving the campus.

Students are advised to keep safe their belongings. Any loss of belongings inside campus may be immediately reported to College office/HOD for making enquiry and possible recovery.

  • Student Safety Policy 2023-24