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Ragging in any form is strictly forbidden.

According to Tamil Nadu Ragging Act 1997, ragging within or outside Educational Institution is prohibited and shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend up to 2 years and shall also be liable to a fine which may extend to Rs.10,000.

Ragging in any form is totally banned at the Rane Polytechnic Technical Campus, Tiruchirappalli. It is a severely punishable offence according to one of the recent guidelines of honourable Supreme Court of India. RPTC, Tiruchirappalli has zero tolerance on ragging. Ragging does not spare even its perpetrators. Those found guilty of ragging may be suspended, break listed and permanently expelled from the institute. Ragging spares none from those who are the victims of ragging to those who commit, abet or encourage it. The institute will take appropriate strict disciplinary action if any student is found involved in the ragging activities in any form.

Any student having complaint regarding any type of RAGGING (or) HARASSMENT, you may sent a mail to any one of the following members of anti-ragging committee.

Anti-Ragging Committee
Name Designation Contact Number E-mail ID
Dr. R. Joshua Arul Kumar Principal +91 8220052623
+91 9489788197
R.Ranjitkumar HOD-
+91 9786697227 r.ranjitkumar@ranepolytechnic.edu.in
M.Syed Meeran HOD-
+91 7502673530 m.syedmeeran@ranepolytechnic.edu.in
G.Kathiravan Asst.Professor Mechatronics +91 9843708485 g.kathiravan@ranepolytechnic.edu.in
J. Elangovan HOD -
Basic Engineering
+91 9659591659 j.elangovan@ranepolytechnic.edu.in
Anti-Ragging Committee - Students
Name Department / Year
P.Sharmila Devi DME-Second Year
C. Britto Preddy DME -Third Year
R.Savitha DMTE -Second Year
Y.Hrithik Krishna DMTE -Third Year
Vishaka Committee
S.No Name E-mail ID Mobile No
01 B RAJALAKSHMI b.rajalakshmi@ranegroup.com +91 98844 84663
02 PV SEETHALAKSHMI Pv.seethalakshmi@ranegroup.com +91 95000 10470