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Parents and teachers share a common treasure-the student. It is as if they are partners in joint ownership of a valuable corporation. The child they share represents the corporation. If they are to nurture this corporation and ensure its success, they must be convinced of establishing good communication. To develop the communication that will enable parents and teachers to make plans, set goals, solve problems and establish the relationship that they need in order to have a good partnership, a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is indispensable.

PTA helps us to communicate to parents the areas their children are excelling in and give them specific ideas of how to improve upon their child's performance. We use PTA as a platform to make a lasting bond with the parent to ensure the academic success of their wards. Keeping this goal in mind, we organize regular PTAs at RPTC inviting senior professionals from the industry.

Some of the objectives of our PTA are:

  • To update the parents on the institute’s progress during the academic year
  • To provide feedback to the parents on their wards academic performance and improvement areas
  • To seek feedback from the parents on how we can improve our service to their needs
  • To elicit views and discuss on:
    • Additional efforts for weak students
    • Personal problems of students
    • Industry Exposure
    • Students' life at home & institution

It was encouraging to receive the feedback from the parents wherein they mention that RPTC has the following traits.

  • Best institute for technical education in Trichy
  • Better employability
  • Quality faculty and teaching standard
  • Better teaching-learning environment and excellent facilities
  • Discipline in the institute
  • All round development of students
  • Emphasis on practical and application oriented knowledge
  • Long standing reputation of Rane Group

As part of our journey towards becoming a model institution of highest standards, we firmly believe that PTA will serve as an excellent platform for us to assess our quality of services and continuously improve upon.