Department of Mechanical Engineering



To create technically skilled and professionally competent workforce for Mechanical and allied engineering industries


  • To facilitate conducive learning environment through quality resources
  • To train the faculty for enhancing their competency
  • To develop the employability of the students in line with industrial needs by interacting with mechanical & allied industries
  • To provide effective career guidance to promote entrepreneurship and higher Education.
  • To promote personal and professional ethical values

    Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • Students will demonstrate their solid foundation in engineering, Science and Technology leading to successful career in Mechanical and allied Engineering.
  • Students will demonstrate analytical and problem solving skills in their domain
  • Students will exhibit technical skills in operating tools, machineries and equipment to support Industry requirements
  • Students will evince Lifelong learning upholding ethical practices in their chosen field of profession

    At the end of Diploma Program, Students’ from the Mechanical Engineering Program will possess

    PO1. Basic and Discipline specific knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals and engineering specialization to solve the engineering problems.

    PO2. Problem analysis: Identify and analyse well-defined engineering problems using codified standard methods.

    PO3. Design/ development of solutions: Design solutions for well-defined technical problems and assist with the design of systems components or processes to meet specified needs.

    PO4. Engineering Tools, Experimentation and Testing: Apply modern engineering tools and appropriate technique to conduct standard tests and measurements.

    PO5. Engineering practices for society, sustainability and environment: Apply appropriate technology in context of society, sustainability, environment and ethical practices.

    PO6. Project Management: Use engineering management principles individually, as a team member or a leader to manage projects and effectively communicate about well-defined engineering activities.

    PO7. Life-long learning: Ability to analyse individual needs and engage in updating in the context of technological changes.


    At the end of Diploma Program, Students’ from the Mechanical Engineering Program will posses

    PSO1. Develop manufacturing processes applicable to Mechanical Engineering products through design and analysis with appropriate manufacturing tools

    PSO2. Work in automotive and manufacturing industry in the sphere of Engineering functions

    PSO3. Exhibit the spirit of values related to society, environment and abiding norms in general